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No matter what area of transportation you need assistance with, we are there to simplify processes, optimize operations and unlock opportunities


Customs Broker

Individual enterprise "Yolashan" is a customs broker included in the Register of Customs Brokers of Turkmenistan

Customs broker IE “Yolashan” provides a wide range of services for the organization of international logistics in the CIS countries and has been operating in the market of customs services in Turkmenistan since 2022. Today IE "Yolashan" provides professional services for the full shipment of goods and vehicles through the Customs authorities of Turkmenistan.

Our company performs a wide range of works necessary for the legal crossing of the goods borders of Turkmenistan. The list includes the preparation of a package of documents, registration of payments, declaration, presence at the inspection of cargo, participation in operations that are carried out in temporary storage warehouses.

Our own customs clearance department employs qualified and experienced employees who will help in resolving all customs issues, including the preparation of documents and support for the certification of goods.

Get a full range of services, including all types of activities of a customs representative, from a reliable partner with many years of experience in the field of export, import and transit of goods.

  • Customs broker included in the Register of Customs Brokers of Turkmenistan since 2022
  • Temporary import/export for scheduled maintenance, etc.
  • Import, export and transit of goods
  • Excisable goods
  • Trial delivery
  • Exemptions, ECTN - preparing and processing shipping certificates/exemptions worldwide


Road Freight

With Yolashan's global network and dedicated experts, our road freight services cover major corridors in CIS, Europe and Middle East Countries

We can handle any cargo, and aggregation. We understand the need for reliable service from origin to delivery locations, and that is why Yolashan has dedicated teams ensuring and efficient and seamless flow of your cargo.

As the policy of our company seeks to ensure safety and professionalism, we not only take care of the transit but also of the transshipments of the loads. To assure safer load delivery we use special tools, namely consolidation, and many others.

If you are dealing with small orders and partial loads, Yolashan offers you LTL and Groupage products. This type of delivery service represents great benefits to you in terms of price and transit time. 

Besides these, we also offer multimodal transportation services. The combination of road, rail and air transportation enables the shipping of loads from all over the world.

  • FTL
  • National Distribution
  • Hazardous Cargo
  • Door to Door
  • Customs Clearance
  • Labeling
  • LTL
  • Ref. Trucks
  • Tank Trucks
  • Groupage
  • Palletizing
  • Packing


Sea Freight

We provide dedicated sea freight forwarding services throughout the world and we are here, ready to help you to find the right solution, customized to meet your unique requirements

We cover almost every port in the world, and our sea freight forwarding operate in all major trades. Sea freight is the classic, cheaper way to transport your goods.

Our experience brings efficiency and accountability to transportation of sea freight forwarding, whether you need to move containers across the Caspian Sea or Oceans or just a LCL cargo from one port to another. We have a large network of partnerships with leading ocean carriers as well as offering local landside services such as trucking and customs brokerage, provided through a broad range of local and global service providers.

We have dedicated sea freight forwarding specialists throughout the world. Our pricing team make sure that you get the best possible ocean rates and the flexibility you need.

  • LCL
  • Special Containers
  • Break-bulk
  • FCL
  • Bulk
  • Port Services
  • Storage
  • Transshipment
  • RO-RO
  • OOG Cargo
  • THC
  • Sea-worthy Packaging


Railway Freight

When your shipping needs include more than 55 tons of material shipped at the same time to the same place, railway shipping might be an option for you

When your shipping needs include more than 55 tons of material shipped at the same time to the same place, railway shipping might be an option for you. Since railway transportation is often cheaper and more eco-friendly than over-the-road (OTR) shipping, it is worth considering this mode.

With over 10 years of industry experience in rail logistics Yolashan has been delivering higher standards in operational excellence, and an ability to deliver successful solutions in the most challenging, complex circumstances.

On the basis of the achieved cooperation with the freight forwarding companies of the CIS, Baltic, Afghanistan, China, Europe, Asia and other countries, the Yolashan offers the performance of transport services for the carriage of goods in the territory of these countries at lowest prices and for a short time. 

In addition, it carries out work the transport operations of very heavy and large cargo, that require special conditions of transportation, performs the services for the provision of a shipment work plan, receiving cargo from stations, as well as for transporting freight wagons from one address to another. During organization of transit cargo transportation, it monitors their border crossing, as well as coordinates problems during moving from light narrow-gage to full broad-gauge railway and monitors the freight handling.

  • Security Escort
  • Tracing
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Transshipment
  • Covered Wagons
  • Fitting Platforms
  • Block Train
  • ISO Tanks
  • Bulk
  • 20ft/40ft Containers
  • Cargo Inspection
  • Axle Change


Air Freight

Your logistics needs are at the heart of our business, whether you need to move your most complex cargo across continents, or even the smallest of consignments, Yolashan solutions are for you

We deliver on-time shipments, thanks to Yolashan's extensive global network, service routes and key gateways. All supported by our close carrier relationships across the globe. With our seamless quotation process, and team of industry experts specializing in Air Freight or Air Cargo Services we can offer competitive pricing and space allocation agreements.

We don’t just sell price, our goal is to partner with you to better manage your logistics solutions, helping you manage your landed and logistics costs by providing the solutions that matter to your business.

Yolashan offers a wide range of options-from expedited and consolidated flights to deferred flights.

Our experts listen and understand the challenges required in today’s global market place and ensure custom solutions for all our partners.

  • Express Air
  • Charter
  • Hazardous Cargo
  • Door to Door
  • Customs Clearance
  • Labeling
  • Tracking
  • Climate Control
  • Compliance
  • Door to airport
  • Cargo Inspection
  • Packing


Multimodal Transportation

No matter what area of transportation you need assistance with, we are there to simplify processes, optimize operations and unlock opportunities

By various types of transport, including road, rail, air, marine and container transportation, by means of combining the carriage of goods, the department carries out operations on the shipment to the place of destination, as well as operations on the storage of cargo, unloading and loading operations, and customs clearance of goods.

For the timely, efficient and quality provision of the services, to coordinate decisions regarding transport and cargo, we have network in many countries and Turkmenistan.

The result of the work of participants of the logistics sector is client satisfaction.

  • Railway Transportation
  • Trucking
  • Air freight
  • Marine Transportation
  • Transportation of containers
  • Shipment-Unloading of goods
  • Storage of goods
  • Customs formalization of goods
  • “From door to door” service


Individual Enterprise "Yolashan" is expanding

Individual Enterprise "Yolashan" further extends the dimensions of the types of services provided to them.

"Yolashan" is first among transport companies

Individual Enterprise "Yolashan" was the first in Turkmenistan to establish transportation of bitumen for road construction in international...

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